DarkFlare consulting strives to approach DevOps with a clear and determined game plan. We have a team of Development-oriented Engineers and Architects working in tandem with a team of Operations-oriented Engineers and Architects. Both teams report to the same management, and both are involved throughout the development, deployment, testing, and operations processes.



The teams begin by thinking through how the software will run, so the Cloud infrastructure is developed more like a piece of software. Resources on the team can exercise their personal expertise in a particular area, but are fully collaborative with all others in the DevOps organization. This process allows for expert design of both software and infrastructure components, but without the problems of complete separation. We also find this keeps the development efficiently streamlined, as there a fewer surprises when code is developed and deployed into Testing and then to Production environments.



Treating code and infrastructure in a similar manner allows us to build and manage the infrastructure via an iterative code-like development process. Infrastructure changes can be made just as swiftly as application code, and tested as thoroughly as a regular code update. We can handle an increase in load or a different use-case as easily as we can add a feature to the software.

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