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We don’t just keep up, WE LEAD.

As technology becomes further entrenched in day to day operations - making the right decisions becomes ever more critical.



DarkFlare Consulting Services is a diversified I.T consulting and implementation company in new york and the surrounding tri-state area. 

Our team of highly skilled engineers use leading edge technologies to provide a full spectrum of services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.


This is what we do best


We offer end-to-end DevOps consulting geared towards delivering high-quality software faster & better.

Network Architecture

We are critically aware of the importance placed on organizations to achieve the fastest, most secure, and reliable network possible.

Cyber Security

We help companies detect, respond, & protect themselves from the ever growing cyber threats.

Site Deployment

Active Directory Configuration - User Authentication and Provisioning, Storage and Backup planning & more.

Maintenance & Montioring

Pro-active security and operational monitoring, log aggregation, reporting, alerting.

Web Site Hosting / Consulting

Hosting (IP4/IPV4 VPS or dedicated server management) , SSL management, Web Servers (apache etc), Databases.

Cloud Service

Configuration Management, Managed Cloud Provisioning, Application Hosting.

Datacenter buildout and deployment

Website and Database operations, Telephony (PBX), Disaster Recovery Planning.


We offer solutions that enable businesses to run more efficiently and effectively. Developing partnerships with small but growing organizations is as important to us as fulfilling the intricate needs of our larger clients. Our company has grown solely on the referrals of satisfied clients whose trust we’ve earned.

Our Mission

Is your organization running at its full potential?

Ask yourself, what makes your company better than the rest? and more importantly what does your competitors do better than you & want to improve yourself? These are real world questions that you need to face.

But fear not with dark flare's team of engineers & specialist, your organization will be able to make informed decisions to make sure you're always firing all cyclinders.