Our Solutions for your business

With technology’s unending evolution, we understand that in order to raise your business to the next level, you need an innovation advisor giving you groundbreaking stategies and & fresh technology that will drive value for your customers.



We strive to deliver state-of-the-art DevOps services & solutions to business for automating and streamlining the processes in a cross-functional environment. DevOps empower developers, operations team, test engineers, product managers and executives to collaborate closely with each other for enhanced transparency and agility. By leveraging continuous integration and delivery, we can rapidly increase time to market. Automation allows for swift changes to infrastructure as needs require for steady or rapid growth

We map out existing IT and application lifecycle capabilities, produce an assessment and roadmap of activities required to automate development and operations. 


How we do it

Network Architecture


Your network is the backbone of your business, with the rapid adoption of emerging cloud technologies and with organizations universally looking to build a digital presence, we at DF are uniquely positioned to help you build and transform your network to meet these constantly evolving requirements. 

We approach every network deployment with clear objectives to ensure the least amount downtime which will allow you to be confident in your network and its ability to scale and grow. From a small single site networks to multi-site bgp backed networks, we offer solutions to businesses of every size.

Network infrastructure design can be complex. With many factors involved, such as servers, routing, Internet access, cloud services, wireless, storage arrays, and remote access, today most companies have difficulty contending with the ongoing responsibility of managing their network. Dealing with day to day maintenance issues while identifying the best, cost affective solutions to meet their goals, and then implementing them in way that is undisruptive to the current environment, can often be challenging without the help of dedicated resources.

Every aspect of what you want to do comes down to the network that enables it, it must have these components:

Server Implementation and Design

Realize the full benefit of your investment.

At DarkFlare Consulting Services, whether it’s entire data center builds, remote deployments, or single server deployments – our engineering experts will deploy, install, configure and manage your hardware in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The complexity of today’s computer hardware demands significant knowledge and experience in not only hardware but power and cooling as well. Allow us to help you through the entire process.

Our expertise and experience is unmatched in the industry and includes a staff of engineers and data center designers.


Infrastructure applications and services administration

scalable, at peak performance

We at Dark flare, help provide a centralized and efficient IT infrastructure management for companies who want to ensure continuous operation for their growing server needs, allocate key resources that work with specific business applications and improve performance without increasing cost.

Other areas of expertise

Site Deployment (Maintenance and Support)

File services support

Web Site Hosting / Consulting

Datacenter buildout and deployment